three10, Vienna

The three10 software allows delivering presentations including 2D and 3D media content synchronized across multiple devices. For example, a mobile device can be used for remote-controlling the presentation while a high-end graphics device is visualizing the presentation on a high-resolution video wall.

As one of two principal engineers in a team of 6 developers, I am the main responsible engineer for the secure communication and file transfer between the Unity 3D application and the on-premise backend server. The architecture of the TypeScript/React/Node.js backend software is also one of my responsibilities.


Most notable achievements:

  • Implemented a JavaScript library for streaming server-side Unity 3D graphics in real-time from a cloud server to an HTML5 browser using a low-latency video codec.
  • Implemented HTML5 Server-Sent-Events for pushing data updates from the backend server to the Unity 3D client software (C# client implementation, as well as Node.js server implementation).
  • Implemented a Docker deployment pipeline for our on-premise backend software, in order to minimize the impact of running the software on various operating systems and versions.
  • Implemented screen capturing and streaming over the network.
  • Became the go-to guy for Git, Docker, Gitlab, Gitlab CI and Unity Cloud Build.
  • Principal technical contact during the Audi software security certification process.

See the three10 multi-client presentation and collaboration software in action: