ViewAR, Vienna

The ViewAR application framework combines a native C++ core, with an HTML5 User Interface allowing low-effort User Interface customization and supports multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

As the principal engineer in the C++ team, I was responsible for extending and improving the ViewAR core module and integrating the latest third-party Augmented and Virtual Reality SDKs.


Most notable achievements:

  • An algorithm for computing the volume of scanned objects has been implemented. Therefore, a watertight (hole-free) 3D triangle mesh has to be computed from the original 3D model captured with depth-sensing cameras. See the 3D scanning and volume computation application in action:
  • Cross-compiling the ViewAR C++ core using Emscripten/WebAssembly to JavaScript and WebGL
  • Integrated video decoding in order to support video textures in 3D